Friday, May 6, 2011

Metro's Long Range Plan: Public Workshops

On Tuesday this week Metro unveiled it's commitment to long-term dialogue with members of the community and city.  Metro announced that they would be hosting a series of Public Workshops focused on discussing the future of transit in the region.  The workshops will cover a broad area of transit from future bus lines, light rail transit and ways to improve what is already running today.

The meeting was full of amazing information and slides on the projected population and employment growth the county is expecting in the next 30 years.  By the year 2040 the region is looking at having close to 10 million resident according to numbers presented at the meeting. 

One neat tool that Metro is introducing is an interactive way to suggest new routes.  The site will feature a map that will allow users to literally draw their own routes with suggestions as to how it should run, how many stops it would have and whether it would be a bus, light rail or commuter rail line.

An interesting fact that stood out to me was how little Houstonians carpool.  On average, our cars carry 1.12-1.14 people per car.  That's pretty low.   A light rail train can carry 200 passengers per-trip, greatly reducing the traffic and carbon emissions in our fair city.

A schedule of the Public Workshop meeting times and places will be available in a new section entitled "Public Workshops"

While the interactive map has not launched yet, keep looking out for it at

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