Monday, March 28, 2011

Talk about good driving!

The last time I got a ticket was for speeding a couple years ago(no kidding I was racing home to finish reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for a project).  Most of us have a minor infraction every so often, speeding, not signaling etc.  However, if you think going a couple years without an infraction is an accomplishment, try going 30.
Recently, that's just what Mr. Isaac Spencer Jr. has done.  Spencer, a bus driver for Metro and recreational motorcyclist, has gone 30 consecutive years with no safety infractions or preventable accidents.  In recounting how he has maintained such a record he gives the credit to patience, keeping your eyes moving and using the mirrors.
I can't imagine having to deal with the traffic in Houston every day behind the wheel of a bus.  Those things are huge, make wide turns and I'm sure have more blind spots than the F-550 that passed me this morning.  This level of commitment, skill, and attention to safety is something we can all be proud of.

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Happy Monday...y'all!

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