Friday, February 18, 2011

February Southeast Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Southeast Community Advisory Board met last night at the Palm Center for our February session.  Present were representatives from Metro's South East office, the Greater South East Management District, HRT Construction, City Council, KIPP and Community Organizations.  

Action Items
The meeting started with introductions and a follow up on action items from last month.  The first action item to be resolved was regarding a situation on MLK.  The turns at Madlyn, Ventura and Marietta were being blocked by construction signs and there was some confusion where to turn relative to the construction barrels.  HRT got on this in 2 days after the last CAB meeting.  Additional street signs have been posted and street identification is easier

Carry over items that are still ongoing are the egress for MacGregor Place, a possible bus shelter at Griggs & Milart, a station on MLK and enhancements for the MLK area.  For some of these items funding options are being explored and others are still being researched and are in the preliminary phases.

Construction Updates
Mr. Chris Jensen and Mr. "It's not unusual" Tom Jones presented the construction updates for last month and the news was exciting.  The presentation also came with some entertaining music to rev up the atmosphere.
Section 2A
  • Public Utility work is done in the area.
  • Metro has submitted paperwork to expedite the road work construction for this area. 
  • If approved, alignment and pavement work could start in about a month on this section.
This news is particularly exciting in that it will involve some very visible construction and progress on the UH campus.  With this we will be seeing traffic and it will be important for students and commuters to avoid this traffic as much as possible.

Section 4A
  • Public Utility work has restarted
  • Colombia Trap to Rail will be relocated in the future due to the construction along this area
 Section 3A
  • Water and storm sanitary work is being done currently
  • The hole under 45 along Scott is almost done.  
  • The machinery doing this gets about 40 feet a day on a good day.
  • The length of the hole is around 400 feet.
Section 3B
  • Center Point is working on the gas lines in this area.
  • Later this week a traffic switch plan will be implemented.  This involves switching the existing traffic from one lane to another. 
  • Lime Slurry was put down to complete the pavement and road work that was started last month
Section 1B
  • Continued communication and daily coordination with KIPP on the construction and road work to ensure student and pedestrian safety.
  • Road work in the area has been approved and will be started soon.

Video Presentation

After the construction updates I was asked to present the new S.A.F.E. video.  It was given a warm reception and plans were made to distribute the video through other outlets(websites, twitter etc.).  Big thanks to Donna Lane, Ri Nguyen and HRT for helping me make this first video.  To see it, click on the video tab at the top of the page.

For further questions/comments please click on the contact tab at the top and I'd be happy to respond.

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