Tuesday, February 15, 2011

50 Million for Light Rail

Great News!

President Obama's budget for next year includes an increase in funds for the Light Rail.

Signaling its support for Houston’s light-rail projects, President Obama’s FY2012 proposed budget includes $200 million in New Starts funds for construction of METRO’s North and Southeast lines...
The budget includes a $50 million boost compared to the past two fiscal budgets - $150 million proposed in FY2011 and another $150 million included in FY2010.

“We see this as a vote of confidence,” said METRO President & CEO George Greanias. “We think the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and others are seeing the progress we are making at METRO and that Houston’s work merits priority treatment.”

Couldn't agree more. 
Given the state of the economy it is good to see that issues as important as light rail and public transit are being supported from the highest office in the nation.  Soon enough, we'll be taking the South East Rail to class.

Official news release HERE.

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